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Christmas Showcase 2023 Sunday 10th December 

Hello and welcome to our Royals Christmas Showcase! We are so pleased to be able to welcome our members and their families here today to celebrate our first term of the season!


We are proud to be able to offer cheerleading for all ages and abilities here and today you will see a range of routines, from elite competition routines to beginner recreational routines. Please cheer, clap and support every team. It makes such a difference to performing athletes and is also great practice for teams who will be competing in the coming weeks.

Thank you for all of your support this term and a Merry Christmas to all of our athletes and families!

Scroll down to view today's running order for both shows.

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Christmas Holiday begins

Tuesday 19th December


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Tuesday 2nd January


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Running order - show 1

4pm doors, 4.15pm start

Cavaliers- Mini 1

Sunday Tiny recreational

Sparkles- Tiny Novice 1

Sunday mini recreational

Titans- Tiny Prep 1

Sovereigns- Youth 2

Interval for Christmas Game

Pegasus- Youth Prep 1

Tuesday Mini recreational

Corgis- Mini Prep 1

Sunday Youth Recreational

Unicorns- Youth 1

Running order - show 2

7.35pm doors, 7.50pm start

Sapphires- Junior 1

Regal- International Under 18 2

Sunday Junior & Senior Recreational

Nobility- International Open Non-Tumble 3

Friday Junior Recreational

Platinum- International Open Small Coed 5

Interval for Christmas Game

Jesters- Internaltion Under 16 3

Regency- Open 1

Reign- International Under 16 Level 1

Diamonds- Junior Prep 1

Eminence- Senior 1

Empire- Senior 4

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