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Our recreational teams are open to new members, including beginners, all season - and there is no need to attend team trials. Giving our recreational teams a go is free - your first session you won't pay for. For more details please read below.

Recreational cheer offers a more flexible approach where attendance is not compulsory and the pace of learning can be fully adjusted to the individual. We have places for those who are new to cheer aged 4 to adults with 10+ years experience and are proud that some of our best athletes train with our recreational teams.

As a squad we hope to welcome lots of new members, introduce new friendships and spread the love of cheer. Whether your goal is to get into the sport, train for fun, develop skills for a comp team or improve your tumbling for your university team, we have a space for you. 

Below is the new 2023 recreational schedule

Click a link to book a free trial

How do I join a rec class?

You're able to book onto a trial class via our online booking system.
A taster session will be a chance for beginners or those new to Royals to see if they enjoy training with us. The sessions are free and tailored according to ability and experience. The day after your free taster, you will receive an email to follow up and see how the session went.
Should you wish to join Royals, we will outline the next steps required.

How much is recreational cheer?

All recreational cheer classes are £35 per month + the annual membership fee of £40.

Membership fee includes a free T-shirt, Bow, entrance to Summer Ball & Insurance.

What do I need to do before I attend?


Even if you're a returning recreational member, please make sure you've booked onto the class on our online system before attending to secure your space.

Black T-Shirt



Sports attire (Shorts /leggings and a t-shirt or leotard). Clean indoor trainers, bare feet or socks. No jewellery. Hair tied back. Bring your own water bottle to have during breaks.



A warm up will be followed by stretching, stunts (lifts/acrobatics) and tumbles (floor gymnastics). There is no pass or fail, just a chance for athletes to see if Royals is for them!

Our Gym
New to Cheer?
Class Schedule

Our Gym - find us

Free Taster Session
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New to Cheerleading? 


First things first - it's time to ditch that stereotype! Cheerleading isn't necessarily what you think. Allstar cheerleading is an extremely inclusive sport, which involves serious teamwork, gymnastics, acrobatics and dance. It is accessible to all ages of children and adults - male and female. It helps to inspire young people to become involved in a cooperative high-energy activity.


Cheerleading is growing as a sport – our Team England squads came away from ICU Worlds in America with gold medals in 2017, 2018 and 2019, and as a country our cheerleading skills are improving and developing hugely.

Aside from it being an incredible sport that's growing - it is just SUCH FUN! Even if you or your child are a little unsure - come along to a session and give it a go. And, at Royals your first session is FREE - so... what's to lose?!

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