Royals open gyms are open to all athletes - members and non-members. These are non-structured sessions where athletes are free to stunt, tumble and use the floor. 

Open gyms take place at our gym on a Friday evening 7-8pm twice a month. Click the link below to book in.

Gymnast Upside Down

Tumble Classes

Weekly tumble classes work on a range of skills Levels 1-5. From Basics to Advanced Level in a Group training.

Women Stretching

Tumble Privates

1-2-1 private tumble classes, a bespoke lesson for each athlete's requirement.


level Up!


Development Level 2

Weekly development class working on all elements of Level 2 skills including running & standing tumbling, core level 2 stunts and pyramid skills.


Weekly development class working on all elements of level 3 skills including running & standing tumbling, core level 3 stunts and pyramid skills


This class provides  a baseline of whole body general strength and conditioning. This class will help tumbles, stunts, athletes overall cheer fitness, assist in injury prevention and most importantly, have fun!

Development Level 3

Strength & Conditioning

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In this one-to-one flier class - current Royals Empire member, former CheerSport Sharks World's athlete and top Coach Matt will offer expert flying tuition.

In the class, fliers will have the chance to learn correct form and body positions on the floor, followed by putting these skills into practice in the air - partner stunting with Matt. Flying skills Level 1-6 as appropriate for the athlete. 

Search our online booking system for more additional classes - such as strength and conditioning workshops.