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Key Dates 2023-2025 🗓


Holiday Dates (inclusive)


Saturday 25th May - Saturday 1st June- May half term

Competition Dates

Please see the competition teams page- all dates listed there.

Other Dates

Summer Showcase- Sunday 30th June

Summer Ball- Friday 12th July 2024



14th-18th July- more info coming soon

Summer Training

21st July - 11th August

Holiday Dates (inclusive)

Summer break: 12th August - 31st August

October Half Term: 26th October - 2nd November

Christmas: 21st December - 4th January

February Half Term: 15th February - 22nd February

Easter: 8th April - 21st April

May Half Term- 24th May - 31st May

Competition Dates

Released with tryout info on the Competition Teams page

Other Dates

Christmas Showcase: Sunday 15th December

Summer Showcase: Sunday 17th May
Summer Ball: TBC- Provisionally Friday 28th June

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