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Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

I can’t make tryouts as we’re on holiday, what can I do?


We’ll be sending out video tryout info during June. Please email us to request that info.


Will you be having Non-Tumble again next season?


We’ll definitely be having a non-tumble team again for 2024-2025, maybe even two. We’re also planning to push into level 4 or 5 non-tumble after the success of Nobility this season.


How does it work with the age groups?


The cheer governing body has made changes for next season.

Prep team age groups will remain the same.
‘Allstar’ age groups will change from mini, youth, junior etc to Under 8, Under 12 etc.
Don’t worry too much though, just sign up to the right age tryout for you (using the birth years in the tryout description) and then we’ll guide you from there.


How much do tryouts cost?

Included in July fees for current members. £7 for new members, must be paid in advance.


When do we find out about team placements?


Team placements will be given out in person at the gym on the afternoon/evening of Sunday 21st July. If you can’t make that, we’ll email you as soon as possible after that.


Is Summer Training compulsory?

No, we want all athletes to have balance and have the chance to have a summer holiday.


Can new athletes join a comp team?


Absolutely, we have teams for all ages and abilities. Determination, commitment and passion are the first things we look for!


Can I be on two teams?


Crossovers will be an option for some athletes. Just tick that box when you check in at tryouts, if you are keen to be considered for two teams.


Can I be a speciality tumbler?

Of course, there are always spaces for those who prefer tumbling and want a more limited role in stunts.


Will you be having any Under 14 teams?

If we think these are the best fit for the athletes that tryout, we certainly will.


What is an open tryout?

A tryout for those aged 16+ or born in 2009 or earlier.


Will I be asked to perform alone?

No, all elements will be in a group setting and no athlete should attempt any skills they are not confident in


Does it matter if I haven't had any stunting experience?


No, our coaches are ready to teach everyone!

I'd like to be considered as a flyer, will I be able to demonstrate my stretches or performance ability?

Absolutely, there will be a chance to show off flyer skills on the floor and in the air.

How are the teams chosen?


Teams are chosen by our experienced coaching team, based on the best fit for each individual athlete, balanced with adhering to the needs of the team for both stunts and tumbles.


When will I hear back?

Team placements will be released from Sunday 21st July

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