Compete in Amsterdam

14th-15th May 2022


Sporthallen Zuid

Burgerweeshuispad 54, 1076 EP



We are delighted to announce our newest team - Royals Britannia!


Why a travel team?

With the move to our own facility and the progress of all of you, our members, now is a great time to begin entering International Divisions. At the right time, we wish to have teams representing Royals at Summit and Worlds and this is part of the process.

This competition has two main aims:

  1. Build experience for Royals athletes and coaches in overseas competitions

  2. To compete for a Summit Bid, which are being awarded at this competition (subject to training with enough intensity and reaching the required standard)

Who is eligible?


We are not restricting invitations so all levels are welcome. If demand is high enough, we will consider entering two travel teams in different divisions.


Athletes must be aged 10+ to tryout (due to competition rules). There is no upper age limit.


Athletes must have at least 12 months cheer or high level gymnastics experience to be considered.





Training will be once a week on XXXX

Plus other training days:






Fees will be £30 per month and all members of the team must already be competing with a domestic Royals team.

Training times





The most cost effective option is to fly. The airport is also very close to suitable hotels and the venue itself

We will probably travel out on the Friday 13th and back on Sunday 15th.

The team and supporters will all travel together.


We will arrange a hotel for everyone to stay in, offering good transport links to the venue, airport and city itself.


Payment schedule-

A deposit of ??????????? Per person will be due on acceptance of a team position, so that we can book flights and accommodation immediately.


The remaining amount will be due on or before December 1st.


It is impossible to clarify the exact budget until we come to book accommodation, flights etc.

However, we anticipate a cost of approximately ?????????? per person.


This will include-

+ flights, 

+ accommodation for two nights, 

+ athlete entry fees/spectator tickets 

+ transport to and from the airport in Amsterdam.


This will not include-

  • transport to and from the airport in England

  • food and drink

  • other activities/transport in Amsterdam


Parent/guardian ratios- AMBER TO CHECK RATIOS


As the trip involves international travel etc, all athletes under 18 will need to be allocated to a parent/guardian. Coaches will be there to provide overall organisation etc but will not be included in these ratios.


Athlete’s aged 16 or 17 must have one parent/guardian for every 5 athletes.


Athlete’s aged 12 to 15 must have one parent/guardian for every 3 athletes.