Our vision & focus for our comp teams in 2021-22


‘The Big One:’ We will help all of our members settle into our new training space, providing a social hub for parents, families and athletes to feel at home. With the help of our members we aim to make the gym the heart of our community, where athletes can feel they are in a safe, supportive, and exciting environment, which enables challenge to fuel both personal and team development. 

Welcome lots of new members, introduce new friendships and spread the love of cheer: through our new facility, we would love to be able to grow the classes we offer, both recreationally and competitively, inviting new individuals into our sport and sharing with them the benefits that the components of cheer can bring - both physically and mentally. We will continue to develop and offer our ‘prep’ level teams, so that children can still learn from competition even at beginner level, as well as from a young age. 

Improve the flexibility and fitness of our competitive athletes across all teams. This will help our teams to improve jumps and tumble execution, as well as help our fliers to pull strong and confident stretches which will develop the overall score of our stunt sequences across all teams.


Educate our athletes to help them understand the importance of ‘body before skill’ – ensuring they are both mentally and physically ready to perform skills in a safe environment, through the use of ‘drills for skills’. We aim to highlight the importance of core drills and repetitions, and facilitate opportunities for athletes to become self-motivated learners.  

Ensure our athletes are given the best possible opportunity to excel at every competition, individually, as well as part of a team. This will be made possible through: a clear try-out process involving our vast and experienced coaching team to ensure members get placed on the correct team for their ability level; designated tumble-specific coaching time within cheer teams; opportunities for athletes to push for skills in both tumble and stunt which is beyond their current level. We will be holding skill-specific workshops throughout the year so athletes can focus on moving towards a particular skill or goal, as well as regular open gyms.


Develop our ‘execution’ scores across all teams: having an emphasis placed on basic technique through the use of games, drills and carefully planned progressions taught by our experienced coaching staff. We aim to develop and improve our tumble and stunt timing and ‘synchronisation’ by having a focus on this during our training within competitive teams

Integrate within the local community: through workshops, assemblies and lessons made accessible to Primary and Secondary schools across our local area. We plan on attending at least three local events this season to give our athletes the opportunity to socialise and enjoy cheer in a fun environment whilst forming a strong community identity.