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competition teams 2023-24 

Competition Teams


Tryouts for our competition teams have now passed. We had an absolute record number of athletes tryout!

The information below will be kept up for reference. If you missed tryouts and are still interested in joining a competition team please get in touch to arrange an alternative tryout. Some teams have additional spaces available.

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Royals competitive members must commit to their team's competition dates

(Comp details to be announced following event provider info releases)

Each team will enter between 4-5 of the below competitions (to be decided following tryouts).

Entry fee per comp will be between £35-50 per athlete per entry. Deadlines and entry fees TBC. 


FC Winter Wonderland

Essex University


2nd - 3rd December 2023


Legacy Dream Extreme



23rd - 24th March 2024


BCA Nationals

Telford International Centre

25th - 26th May 2024


FC Internationals

Bournemouth International Centre

5th - 7th July 2024


FC Essentials



20th January 2024


ICC Nationals

Motorpoint Arena


Late March 2024


Legacy Nationals



8th - 9th June 2024


Legacy Just Believe

Copper Box Arena


17th - 18th February 2024

FC Amsterdam


Travel teams

11th May 2024


FC Into the Future

Brighton Centre


8th - 9th June 2024


We're excited to offer a range of levels and divisions to suit our diverse athlete pool. It's our policy that an athlete is to try-out for the programme (not a specific team) - the Royals coaching staff will place athletes on a team that best suits the athlete. Please trust this process! 

Age Grids:


Royals follow the IASF/SportCheerEngland guidelines on age groups and skill levels. We will continue to adhere to these guidelines to ensure the best experience for all athletes. Age for the season is determined by the athlete’s age AS OF 31st AUGUST 2023. (E.g If an athlete is 14 as of 31 August 2023, but turns 15 on 1 September 2023, their age for the season is still 14 and they’re eligible for Junior age category).


All teams are open to all genders.


Training Schedule:

  • Training days and schedule will be released following tryouts and team placements

  • You may also be invited to or request to cross over and be on two cheer teams.

Prep Vs AllStar Division


What's the difference between a Prep team and a AllStar team? Well, in practice there isn't a lot at Royals. All teams have the same access to experienced coaches and train at our state of the art facility in Cobham. Prep division is designed for athletes who have a little experience with cheer, in the first few seasons of their cheer career or are beginners. 

At tryouts we have different entry criteria for each level - see below for this criteria.

Prep Level 1 Skill Requirements:

⭐️ Stunts: Beginners welcome, all stunts taught from the ground up

​⭐️ Required Tumbles: No previous experience required.

​⭐️ Permitted Tumbles: Forward & Backward roll, handstand, cartwheel, round-off, walkovers.

We also look for athletes who are eager to learn and are team players!

AllStar Levels 1-5 Skill Requirements:


AllStar Level 1

⭐️Stunts: Gut stands, gut libs, basic preps. Single leg skills below shoulder height, braced extended 2 leg skills.

⭐️Required Tumbles: Forward & back roll




⭐️Advanced/Elite tumbles:

Front & back walkover 


Cartwheel back w/over

Front w/over cartwheel 

Handstand forward roll


AllStar Level 2

⭐️Stunts: Single leg skills at shoulder level, extended 2 leg stunts, ½ twists, straight tosses.

⭐️Required Tumbles:

All of level 1 

Standing back handspring

Round off back handspring

⭐️Advanced/Elite Tumble examples: Round off series back handspring

Back walkover back handspring

Back handspring to one, back walkover, back handspring

Forward walkover round off back handspring


AllStar Level 3

⭐️Stunts: Full twisting release skills, full twisting transitions, extended single leg skills, inverted transitions.

⭐️Required Tumbles: Levels 1 & 2

Round off back handspring back somersault

Series standing back handsprings

⭐️Advanced/Elite Tumble examples: Running front somersault

Handspring to one, series back handspring

Forward walkover round off handspring back somersault


AllStar Level 4 

⭐️Stunts: Double twisting release skills, one and a half twisting transitions, two trick basket tosses, advanced single leg skills

⭐️Required Tumbles: Level 3 

Standing back somersault 

Standing back handspring to tuck

Round off back handspring layout

⭐️Advanced/Elite Tumble examples:

Free walkover 

Whip passes 

Front somersault step outs

Forward walkover round off handspring layout


AllStar Level 5

⭐️Stunts: Double twisting release skills from one leg, three trick (one twist) basket tosses, advanced single leg skills at/up to extended level

⭐️Required Tumbles: Level 4

Jump connected to standing back somersault

Standing back handspring to layout

Round off back handspring full twisting layout

⭐️Extra Tumbles: Front somersault step out/ handspring/ walkover through to full twist. Standing back handspring to whip variations.

What Happens at Tryouts?

We've put together a video to explain what happens at tryouts

- have a watch and then don't forget to sign up for tryouts here:

Competition Team fees 2023-24


£60 - Due 1st Aug 2023


  • Royals training tee

  • Summer ball entry

  • Personal injury insurance

  • Music

  • Choreography

  • Access to Members Zone training resources

  • Payments via iClass Pro



First due 1st Sep 2023

  • Monthly fees vary per team ranging from £50-£72 per month. Team fees will be released following tryouts.

  • Payable on the 1st of the month, starting in July and ending in June. The full cost of a year’s training and admin is evenly split over 11 months. 

  • Payments via iClass Pro

Hexagon with a Cross


First due 1st Sep 2023



All Royals competition members wear the same uniform to all competitions and to the annual gym showcases. 

Pricing- The uniform and bow will cost £200. This new uniform will remain until the end of the 2024-2025 season. 


Additional merchandise and training kit will be available to purchase at the start of the season - we will also hold some stock at the gym.


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